p!nto school

  2. The posture is very important for the development of our children.

    Children spend most of their daytime at their schools. Evaluation of their posture during their school life is to evaluate their growth itself. For example, the knowledge and information that they receive dramatically differ, either they look at their teachers talking or looking down.
    That tells you the posture plays a role in how they get involved with their learning. Whhat they come across, what they get connected and what they absorb encourage their development. The foundation of those learning environments is their posture.
    p!nto school is the cushion that helps them grow exactly that way.

    p!nto school
  3. Our children our future. Schools create the next generation, and p!nto school supports them.

    The children have good potentials for their concentration, motivation, and their academic performance only if they have good posture. And if they have good posture in their childhood, that will prevent many health issues such as shoulder and back pains, and I was sure about this from my experience of being an occupational therapist. It is easy to imagine that having to sit on those hard wooden chairs for most of their day time gives such strains to pupils, that strain is not good for their growth and development I wanted make school p!nto for that reason.
    That was a time we were in the exhibition in Kanto area, and we had our cushions there. A mother told us if her children use school p! nto, as they use disaster prevention hoods as their cushions, there is no place to have their disaster prevention hoods. Kanto area gets many earthquakes so children have their disaster prevention hoods, however, born and bred in Kansai area, it was new to me.
    I thought all areas of Japan gets earthquakes, not just Kanto area. Then we make p!nto for school with disaster prevention hood function. Disaster is a very negative thing, and being prepared for that is crucial. I wanted to turn something negative such as disaster into something positive, like having a proper posture.

    • Occupational Therapist Developer of ETHREEM technique
    • Hisako Nomura
    p!nto school developper
    HISAKO NOMURA is an occupational therapist with 33 years of experience. She developed and designed “ETHREEM”, the idea of a 3 dimensional optimized seating system. “p!nto”, which is designed based on ETHREEM technique, is sold for the total of One hundred and thirty thousand over the period of 5 years. She does over 300 cases of measurement a year for order made cushions. She has been counselled and provided solutions for posture related issues for over ten thousand people.She has many publications and lectured on her career. Her work has been covered by several Japanese media.
  4. “ETHREEM” that allow us to sit back properly however we move.

    You feel as though you are “wearing” them when you sit on our “p!nto” products. This is because the supporters inside the cushions put your ribs, pelvis and thighs on the most comfortable position to sit. (ETHREEM) We are actually moving while sitting. So it is important for us to have something to suppress wobbling of our cores. That makes us to have efficiency in what we do while sitting. "p!nto" products are nothing like braces for your teeth. They are more of a platform for good posture habit. A good posture enables us to have efficient movements. You can reach out to each direction. “p!nto” is the place which you can go back to the starting seating position to have realigned posture for your next move.

  5. Having a good posture since young age gives them better physical conditions in their adulthood.
    Without p!nto school
    Her pelvis lean back on the hard seating surface and her head pulled down. She tries to listen to her teachers with her head up with her shoulders curled in, that gives her shoulders, neck and back huge strains.
    With p!nto school
    Her back is straighten, her pelvis are set to the position where she can hold her head high and light. Her neck, shoulders, elbows and wrists are loosened, so she can write and look at boards easily.
    Stress-free study body movement
    Proper posture with no effort
  6. p!nto school X Minoh city, Osaka, Japan
    We were blessed the opportunity to meet up with the mayor of Minoo city, Osaka, Japan. We showed him a sample, he took a look and said, “Can you make this a disaster prevention hood too?” He grew up in Shizuoa, Kanto area, so he was aware of the importance of being prepared for the disaster, and he was also aware that schools and school children are not as alert as those in Kanto area. My face dropped, and told him that we are already working on it. With his advice, we made school p!nto, which is easy to handle for younger children, does not take time to put on and take off, suitable for any school chairs, washable and stay on the chair n upside down.

    Mayor of MInoh City. KURATA TETSURO

  7. Evaluation
    Children have difficulty in keeping proper posture in their class.

    They cannot seem to go back to the proper posture after they write, read or take notes.

  8. Protecting heads are crucial when earthquakes hit
    The back part comes off seat surface.

    The back part comes off seat surface.

    The back part comes off seat surface.

    It is easy to handle for younger children. Take it with you wherever you go.

    It is designed to take it wherever they go when an earthquake strikes, so it must be easy for n children to handle too. We take it into consideration when design, so just slip the seating surface into the back part then they can take it with them.

    Just slip the seating surface into the back part Just slip the seating surface into the back part


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    p!nto school SIZE
    • The back part comes off seat surface. You can fit your school p!nto regardless the size.
    • Cleated bottom.
    • Putting p!nto school with rubber band on the chair
    Size Material Cover
    W340mm × H330mm × D340mm POLYURETHANE HR FOAM POLYESTER100%

    ※ The photographs showing our products may turn out to be slightly different from reality
    ※ The design might change without notice.


    How many hours a day can I sit on my “pinto school” ?

    You can sit on your “p!nto” as long as you please, as you can sit long hours, you can sit as you do normally.

    How about durability?

    We have the durability test result of which the thickness of “school p!nto” decreased 4% after 80,000 times. The endurance test is based on JIS standard, (Compression testing method) The material we use is also used on trains and buses.