Now forget everything you know about being tired.

Who else wants the posture that we just started to move as babies?
As babies, we had very efficient physical movement and a lot less pressure on our bodies. But look at us now, we have bad posture habits, not enough exercise which leads to poor muscle strength, injuries and lot more complications.
Our bodies turn into pretzels

Posture is essential.

Unfortunately, we have many things in our lives which throw the bone structure and muscles out of alignment. That’s why we have stiffness or pain because those things cause poor circulation.
There is a lot of work to be done to retrieve the bodies we used to have…
or is these? If we can rewind the process of becoming pretzels, and then keep them in that way… sounds hard?

Let’s make our bodies happier by teaching our spine and muscles the best alignment, the one we were born with.
That should be the most comfortable posture with no pains and no stress.

“ETHREEM”, the three dimensional structural system we designed, allows us to make that happen. It is nothing like the other items “we can find that correct postures” around, but rather, assists the body to find. The ideal posture and provides maximum comfort just by sitting on the cushion.

Correct positioning is about making functional postures with no stress. This seating design is about to make that happen while sitting.

P.A.S. Corporation has provides over 300 costom made seats a year.

Using the specially designed measuring device, we make platforms for customer’s unique seating requirements based on Anatomy and Kinematics.
We measure pressure exerted by the skeletal mass, muscle tension and joint movement while seated.

Imagine if you have a habit of good posture and also efficiency in how you use your body. This three dimensional structural system “ETHREEM” not only offers the comfort and relief that the seat cushion is meant to offer, but also, it your platform for efficient physical movement.


Specially designed cushion “p!nto” assists the ideal postures.

You feel as though you are wearing “p!nto”.
This is because the supporters align us to in the best position that fits our body.

We are constantly in motion even when we are sitting still.
So, it is very important to have good posture still on the chair even during micro –movements while seated.
“p!nto” is not a “posture” brace.
It is the foundation for keeping good posture even while in motion. When you are not in motion, “p!nto” offers you seated confort


“I know how you feel. I found it difficult to keep the good posture. But that all changed with p!nto.”

We have small and curved bones under the pelvis to support the balance.
It is pretty hard to do so due to its shape and the flat surface, which you can find in the majority of chairs. What happens is the pelvis leans backwards.
Also we perform most of our daily activities directly in front of our torso.
Our eyes, mouth, nose and head are also on our front.
While we use those features to perform activities at home or the office, our back is responsible for supporting the whole our body.
Our body leans forward, with our shoulders tucked in, and our muscles need to be tense all the time. Our body tries to support itself with only muscle. It is no wonder pains and exhaustion occur because of the strain of the body.


How can we be efficient in our daily activities?
If we constantly needed to remind ourselves to maintain good posture, it wouldn’t be possible! But with “ETHREEM”, it can be.
It adjusts the angle of the pelvis and aligns the skeletal structure.
The hipbones move more dynamically. The thighs, ribcage and the centre of gravity are all well taken care of.
Now you can engage in daily activities with less pressure and free from pain.
With “p!nto”, you can be as good as new just by sitting.

Without p!nto

The head and the ribcage hang over the body. The shoulders, the back and the buttocks need to be tensed.

With p!nto

With a wider platform which supports the weight, the upright position is easier to maintain. The shoulders, the back and the buttocks are free from tension.

Occupational Therapist and Seating Designer and ETHREEM technique developer
Over 300 cases of measurement a year for order made cushions. She introduced the world to the idea of Ecological Three Dimensional Molding system “ETHREEM”. She created various “p!nto” line-ups. Her unique “seating design” are, by just sitting on them, restore the natural “axis” of the body. Her seat cushions are stress-free, as well as keeping the proper posture. She is the founder and also the official representative of the association of Ecological Therapy since 1998. It has studied rehabilitation methods based on perception and action. Also she lectures on the human body and the environment or rehabilitation. Her authored books and articles on affordance and environment are; Asobi wo sodateru “遊びを育てる”(Cultivating the power of play). Kyodo Isho Shuppansha 協同医書出版社, Tokyo 東京, 1999. “知の生態学的転回2 技術: 身体を取り囲む人工環境“, The Ecological Turn: New philosophical and psychological perspectives on human studies Vol.2 Technology:Life in the Artificial Environment University of Tokyo Press,2013

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