p!nto (ピント)

  1. NOMURA X p!nto Straighten Up!
  2. Sit back and relax on your “p!nto”…
    and get rid of bad posture

    We use up so much energy just by sitting. And it’s not a good idea.
    We have so much pressure physically and mentally.
    Do you cross your legs while sitting? That might cause you to have a bad posture!
    We have good news because we made a seat cushion just for you!
    “P!nto” can support your most heaviest parts of the body while you sit back and relax, when your posture becomes upright.
    Your muscle can be loosened and relax, “p!nto” fits your body as if you are wearing it.

  3. ”p!nto”; the seat cushion by the occupational therapist who specializes in seating
  4. Occupational Therapist and
    Seating Designer and
    ETHREEM technique developer

    p!nto Producer

    Over 300 cases of measurement a year for order made cushions. She introduced the world to the idea of Ecological Three Dimensional Molding system “ETHREEM”. She created various “p!nto” line-ups. Her unique “seating design” are, by just sitting on them, restore the natural “axis” of the body. Her seat cushions are stress-free, as well as keeping the proper posture.
    She is the founder and also the official representative of the association of Ecological Therapy since 1998. It has studied rehabilitation methods based on perception and action.
    Also she lectures on the human body and the environment or rehabilitation. Her authored books and articles on affordance and environment are; Asobi wo sodateru “遊びを育てる”(Cultivating the power of play). Kyodo Isho Shuppansha 協同医書出版社, Tokyo 東京, 1999.
    “知の生態学的転回2 技術: 身体を取り囲む人工環境“,
    The Ecological Turn: New philosophical and psychological perspectives on human studies Vol.2 Technology:Life in the Artificial Environment University of Tokyo Press,2013

    HISAKO NOMURA Official website

  5. p!nto


    We are actually not still while sitting. So it is important for us to maintain our balance constantly.That balance is crucial for us to have efficiency in what we do while sitting.
    P.A.S. focus on this bodily function.
    “p!nto” is the cushion which suppress wobbling and tells us the proper position of our axes, to let us have the best alignment. It is my pleasure to introduce “ETHREEM” which we discovered while working with people with disabilities.
    I hope it brings lots of smiles, joy and comfort for people with all abilities.

    Seating Designer Hisako Nomura does over 300 cases of measurement a year for order made cushions. She introduced the world to the idea of Ecological Three Dimensional Molding system “ETHREEM”

    We believe seat cushions are meant to offer comfort and relief.
    Our therapists feel individual bodies with our hands to find the equilibrium, the most comfortable alignment which flow with gravity, and the best positions for the individual cushion production. The detailed process is based on Kinematics, Anatomy, Occupational therapy, Ecological psychology and Feldenkrais Method.
    We then, collect data above to the cutting edge scanner technology.
    This is how p!nto came about.

  6. The good posture habit comes from the proper alignment of the bones and muscles.

    • Buttocks
      Place your ischial bone, which is the core of your sitting to maintain balance, to A proper position so that your pelvis does not fall on your side.
    • Hips
      Prevent your pelvis distorting and give the right information for your body, so that you can sit on the platform of your body properly.
    • Ribs
      Help to breathe deeply and nicely and also prevent your torso from on leaning side to side.
    • Thighs
      Place your hip joints to the points where you can wiggle nice and easy. Also help to relax your thighs.
  7. “ETHREEM” that allow us to sit back properly however we move.

    You feel as though you are “wearing” them when you sit on our “p!nto” products. This is because the supporters inside the cushions place your ribs, pelvis and thighs on the most comfortable position to sit. (ETHREEM) We are actually moving while sitting. So it is important for us to have something to suppress wobbling of our cores. That makes us to have efficiency in what we do while sitting. "p!nto" products are nothing like braces for your teeth. They are more of a platform for good posture habit. A good posture enable us to have efficient movements. You can reach out to each direction. “p!nto” is the place which you can go back to the starting seating position to have realigned posture for your next move.


  8. NOMURA X p!nto Straighten Up! For your good posture habit


    Without “p!nto”

    She has slouching posture due to gravity. Her shoulders, back, buttocks have so much pressure.

    With p!nto

    She has wider platform to support herself so the pressure on her shoulders, back and buttock have less pressure. She feels light.
  9. You can use “p!nto” in many situations.

    • 様々なシーン1
    • 様々なシーン2
    • 様々なシーン3
    • At dining table

      At dining table

      Eating can contain a range of behaviours.
      We use our arms to hold the cutlery or spices.
      Also, our bodies tend to be stressed out while eating as there are plenty of taste and smell. Our receptors are very busy.
      By letting our body become relaxed as much as possible with “p!nto”, we can have enjoyable eating activities.
      Relax, eat and enjoy your meals with “p!nto”.

    • On the couch

      On the couch

      Your body might not be fully relaxed if you want to lie down on the couch.
      Let me tell you this; if you are sitting properly, then you should feel relaxed.
      Also, the soft surface is not good for you to sit down as you will sink too much into in the sofa. You would get a stiff back.
      Place your “p!nto” on your couch and it will reduce those issues.
      You can sit better and truly you can have a relaxing time.

    • On your personal chair

      On your personal chair

      When you try to sit on the floor, your back tries to support your whole body, that leads to bad posture. The stooped back causes stiff shoulders and pains. Place your “p!nto” on the floor. Your pelvis is well supported so as your weight. Even on the floor, you can sit beautifully.

    • At work

      At work

      It might be your bad posture that is causing you to be stressed out at work.
      You tend to have stooped posture at your desk because your activities there are always happening in front of you. Poor posture challenges the muscles which are trying so hard to pull back and support our whole weight.
      We want the ideal posture which facilitates activities without effort.
      Activities become a lot easier when we can perform better and we can have high motivation too. “p!nto” offers you the ideal work environment.

    • On trains or buses

      On trains or buses

      Have you ever wondered why you get so exhausted just for sitting on the trains or buses for a long time? You are just sitting after all.
      You need all your muscles to support you, if you try to maintain your posture in the vibration that trains or buses give you.
      That makes you quite tired without you realizing it.
      The good news is “p!nto” can offer you full support for your sitting position.
      You can relax on the moving public transport now.
      Imagine, it is like you put the fillings in the box when you send a parcel.
      If you want to send a ball (your buttocks), you would put something (“p!nto”) in the box in order to prevent ball rolling during the delivery.

    • For students

      For students

      Poor posture challenges us when studying. Healthy posture makes sitting easier.
      The first step to make studying easier is to sit comfortably without effort.
      Let “p!nto” help you to hold your back in the correct position. Allowing us to write comfortably without effort with relaxed elbows and wrists, we perform better..
      When we perform better, we motivate better. Without stress and being motivated, we can concentrate for longer hours too.
      The proper writing ergonomics with “p!nto”, it is actually possible to enjoy studying.

    • For your spare time

      For your spare time

      Have you ever found yourself losing in whatever you love to do? You forgot the time when you read something very interesting?
      It is good, but your body might be screaming for help without you noticing. It causes fatigue and pains.
      Don’t forget your “p!nto” before you have your hobby time.
      Don’t get pains in your enjoyable moment!

    • For expecting and nursing mummy

      For expecting and nursing mummy

      A pregnant mummy faces the changes in her weight and body shape every day.Her body is really stressed out, not only to support her changing body but also to support the weight of the growing baby. “p!nto” can offer her a comfortable sitting position for the over strained pelvis. “P!nto” embraces her pelvis and that supports her ribs too.She can breathe deeply and be able to rest well to help her recovery.
      When she nurses her baby, it is hard to stretch herself. The posture of mummy being stopped means her baby is very uncomfortable in a tiny place while having a meal. While sitting on “p!nto”, mummy can stretch herself nicely without effort, baby can relax, and we can see the smiles of both happy mummy and baby.



    • red
    • navy
    • brown
    • gray
    • black
    • Natural cover model (Eiger cloth)
    • Natural cover model (Eiger cloth)
    • Martina cover model
    • Martina cover model
    • Martina cover model
    • Gobelin cover model
    • Gobelin cover model
    • Gobelin cover model
    • Gobelin cover model
    • 14 different colours are available
    • Washable cover
    • Slip stopper on the bottom
    • Light weighted Polyurethane HR foam cushion can be folded in half, and you can take it anywhere
    Size Weight Material Cover
    W430mm × H380mm × D430mm 900g POLYURETHANE HR FOAM POLYESTER100%

    ※ The photographs showing our products may turn out to be slightly different from reality
    ※ The design might change without notice.


    What kind of chairs can I use my “p!nto” on?

    You can use your “p!nto” on any chairs with backrests;
    Office chairs, dining tables, couches, personal chairs, bus, trains or cabs.

    How many hours a day can I sit on my “pinto” ?

    You can sit on your “p!nto” as long as you please, as you can sit long hours, you can sit as you do normally.

    How about durability?

    We have the durability test result of which the thickness of “p!nto” decreased 4% after 80,000 times. The endurance test is based on JIS standard, (Compression testing method)
    The material we use is also used on trains and buses.