p!nto MoldSeat

  1. 車いすにも安心の座りごこちを
  2. Brings out the potential of wheelchair users

    Imagine, everyone has no stress taking over their bodies. Enjoying the best of life with lots of smiles.
    All of us, both walking and in wheelchairs, appreciating every bit of life can offer.
    That is what I aimed at when I made Mold Seat.
    We want to support you from the happy times to the tough times. To be a part of you, to be your rock that you can lean on, and to be the platform to motivate you for the new adventure.

    This occupational Therapist has a passion. She had this vision.
    Her seating design for Mold Seat prioritise taking off your tensions, making your body light, and making it easy for you to use your body while sitting. It is her passion for you to be happy together.
    She set her mind to make a cushion to start, having the good posture is absolutely necessary to do anything. Her rich knowledge of anatomy, occupational therapy, wheelchairs and compassion for people in the wheelchairs made it possible for wheelchair users to be comfortable, happy, and confident with her seating design.

    p!nto moldseat
  3. Pre-made wheelchair seat with custom-made luxury makes
    your wheelchair as the source of comfort

    • Rib support
    • Pelvis Support
    • Buttock Support
    • Leg Support
    • Rib support
      Rib support
      Helps to sit up easily; the tensions of your neck and shoulders loosen as it helps keep your head lighter. Place your shoulder blades in the right place which makes your upper body to move freely. You can breathe deeply so your back can relax agaist your backrest, which takes pressure off your abdomen. Mold Seat fits your body which helps prevent your back to lean on your sides.
    • Pelvis Support
      Pelvis Support
      Aligns your pelvis correctly so that your pelvis is happy to be independent. When you want to lean forward, it helps you not to go too far, yet aligns the place to lean back again. It supports your pelvis not only from the back, but also from the sides to prevent your pelvis to get twisted.
      You are free to do your activities in front of you, and it is easy to lean back to rest.
    • Buttock Support
      Buttock Support
      The seat is specially designed to support the round buttocks. It places the Ischia to the point to move effectively and freely. This is because the seat surface is wide so that it reduces the pressure of the Ischia.
    • Leg Support
      Leg Support
      Mold Seat helps synamic movements such as lean forward, use legs to move the wheelchairs, and stand up. It shows your legs the right position to keep your pelvis, reduce tensions from your legs and allows the hip joints to jiggle with no stress.
  4. Occupational Therapist/Seating Designer/
    ETHREEM technique developer

    p!nto Mold Seat manufacturer
    Hisako Nomura

    HISAKO NOMURA is an occupational therapist with 33 years of experience. She developed and designed “ETHREEM”, the idea of a 3 dimensional optimized seating system. “p!nto”, which is designed based on ETHREEM technique, is sold for the total of One hundred and thirty thousand over the period of 5 years. She does over 300 cases of measurement a year for order made cushions. She has been counselled and provided solutions for posture related issues for over ten thousand people.She has many publications and lectured on her career.
    Her work has been covered by several Japanese media.

    HISAKO NOMURA Official website

  5. Our rich experience in seating which we design over 300 cases a year,
    made it possible for us all to have a very comfortable seating environment.

    The process of making p!nto mold seat, our therapists feel individual bodies with our hands to find the equilibrium, the most comfortable alignment, which flow with gravity, and the best positions for the individual cushion makings. The detailed process is based on Kinematics, Anatomy, Occupational therapy, Ecological psychology and the Feldenkrais Method. We, then, collect the data above to the cutting edge scanner technology. We believe seat cushions are meant to offer comfort and relief.

  6. “ETHREEM” that allow us to sit back properly, however we moved.

    You feel as though you are “wearing” them when you sit on our “p!nto” products. This is because the supporters inside the cushions align your ribs, pelvis and thighs on the most comfortable position to sit. (ETHREEM) We are actually moving while sitting. So it is important for us to have something to suppress wobbling of our cores. That makes us to have efficiency in what we do while sitting. "p!nto" products are nothing like braces for your teeth. They are more of a platform for a good posture habit. Better posture enable to have efficient movements. You can reach out each direction. “p!nto” is the place which you can go back to the starting position to have realigned posture for your next move.


  7. Just place Mold seat on your wheelchair.
    You will be amazed how well you can keep better posture.

    No adjustment, transform your slouching habit to the better,
    and scatter the pressure points on the seat surface.

    Without Mold Seat

    Without Mold Seat

    Without Mold SeatIf your posture is not stabile, it causes your shoulders and arms to get too tight and become stiff. It prevents you to move smoothly. When your pelvis tilts forward, your bottoms slip and come forward too. We unconsciously try to stop that slipping and pot pressure there while sitting, causing compression and pains with your back.
    With Mold Seat

    With Mold Seat

    With Mold SeatIt makes easier for you to have well-balanced posture. It also helps to straighten up your back with its chest supporters. Your head feels lighter and your shoulders can relax. Mold Seat is 3 dimensional shape so that it can support body pressure evenly, make it possible for us to sit comfortably.
  8. The design based on the knowledges of wheelchair users, their wheelchairs and their bodies

    • The seat deflection

      The seat deflection

      The wheelchair canvases sag in time as we sit.
      Mold Seat is designed to fit the sitting position in the wheelchair, taking the seat deflection into consideration.

    • Thickness


      Our unique technique made it possible for the cushion seat thickness of 2 cm below the knees which is the most comfortable and stable thickness to sit. The pelvis stays evenly even if you use your feet to move your wheelchair forward. It is also designed for you to use on the high back wheelchair and reclining wheelchair.

    • Detachable bottom plate & Anchor support

      Detachable bottom plate & Anchor support

      We also offer Detachable bottom plate & Anchor support for more stability. The seat surface inclines gently so that provides efficiency and stability, which encourages you to have daily activities in front of you. Detachable bottom plate can be used for straightening the fabric. There is a pocket for the bottom plate on the back of the seat.

  9. Comfortable and functional good posture habit.

    The movements have great impact on postures. Having better posture allows you to do more things which you once thought it was impossible. Take an example of travelling in a car; you thought having constant vibration is really tiring, but if you can keep yourself in the comfortable posture, that vibration could change your perception of the car ride to be an exciting experience. Transferring to your wheelchair can motivate you for whole day. The same old activities can bring you new joy. We hope you can take Mold Seat wherever you go, and explore “new” rich experiences.

    Comfortable and functional good posture habit.
  10. Mold Seat for anyone, anytime

    • For High back wheelchair

      You can use it on the wheelchairs with higher backrest and tilted wheelchairs.

    • For Reclining wheelchair

      The cushion with back and seat combined means better support around your hip and back.

    • For feet users to move chairs

      With ETHREEM technique, it makes it possible to maintain posture so that we can move wheelchairs with our feet.

  11. 防水加工

    μ-func® for the cover, because we care.

    What is μ-func®?

    μ-func® is a transparent polyester processed special pure silver mixed fibre yarn without getting blackish due to sulfurisation, by the process called Vacuum Deposition. Oxidation and Chloridation. The vacuum deposition covers transparent polyester film with pure silver then, two film surfaces put together and tear into pieces. The thin silver fibre surfaces release ion, which has excellent antibacterial multi functions.

    Semi-permanent functions of μ-func®.

    • Antibacterial & deodorization

      Silver is used in cutlery and medicine since old days.You can have benefit from silver ion which released from μ-fanc® , has an antibacterial effect. The effect does not fade with laundry either.

    • Antistatic

      Silver is the most electrically conductive metal. Static shock will ease with μ-fanc® as it discharges electricity naturally and reduces static cling. It also keeps p!nto MoldSeat clean as it put the dust away.

    • Thermal insulation

      Silver is the most electrically conductive metal as mentioned. It has the ability to reflect and to radiate the infrared rays. To interweave with μ-fanc®, it reflect and cut out the sunlight during the summer, and keeps the heat during the winter.



    • navy
    p!nto moldseat size
    • Place in the standard wheelchair to keep comfortable posture.
    • Thin cushion which is suitable for people who use feet to propel forward or backward in a wheelchair.
    • Mold Seat is to rent in navy colour only.
    • Product Number : PAS-MSW-002
    • TAIS CODE : 01250-000002
    Size Weight Cushion material
    W400mm × H400mm × D400mm 960g High Resilience Polyurethane Foam
    Cover material
    The fabric for the cover interwoven with μ-func® which is thread metal of pure silver. μ-func® has excellent antibacterial, deodorization, anti-static, and thermal insulation Waterproof film for your outdoor use
    Accessories Accessories

    Detachable bottom plate for deflection prevention

    Anchor cushion for your more stability

    ※Please use them separately

    ※ The photographs showing our products may turn out to be slightly different from reality.
    ※ The design might change without notice.