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  2. The “p!nto kids” cushion allows your children’s body to adjust to its natural position.

    Rather than simply offering a comfortable seat, “p!nto kids” allows your children’s body to correct its center bringing both comfort and functional movement.

    Children develop their skeletal structure and internal organs until the age of 12. It is important for them to learn proper posture for their healthy development. Bad postures from reading, writing and drawing cause back pain, eye problems, stress and poor concentration. It is not easy to re-align the body and that is where the “p!nto kids” cushion can help.

    p!nto kids
  3. Having a correct posture is crucial for your children’s development and growth.

    When we were very little, we had ideal postures which allowed us to move functionally with minimum load. It is the posture that allows children to be able to sit, to stand up and to walk. Their chests are facing front, arms by their side, and they can keep their head up with ease. Climbing, sliding, swinging, those movements all require them to face their chests front and straighten their back. Children learn proper posture through play and everyday activities.
    However, due to a variety of factors, including studying, reading and writing for a long period of time, most of us end up with our bodies out of alignment and with poor muscle balance. These days, there are many electric devices that even younger children have access to play games. This can eventually lead to poor circulation which can cause stiffness and pain.
    Another factor that causes our children’s body out of alignment is using adult size furnitures. Another issue with bad posture is that it causes poor sensory functions. “p!nto kids” was developed with “ETHREEM” technology using a 3-D configuration system to work out the natural condition for your children’s body. It tells them the proper position of our center, to let them have the best alignment for their work efficiency in their study and play.


    Hisako Nomura

    Occupational Therapist/Seating Designer/
    ETHREEM technique developer

    p!nto kids manufacturer
    Hisako Nomura

    HISAKO NOMURA is an occupational therapist with 33 years of experience. She developed and designed “ETHREEM”, the idea of a 3 dimensional optimized seating system. “p!nto”, which is designed based on ETHREEM technique, is sold for the total of One hundred and thirty thousand over the period of 5 years. She does over 300 cases of measurement a year for order made cushions. She has been counselled and provided solutions for posture related issues for over ten thousand people.She has many publications and lectured on her career.
    Her work has been covered by several Japanese media.

    HISAKO NOMURA Official website


    Have you ever wondered when our posture start to get misaligned?Our posture is naturally straight until about we start school. We get the habit of having bad posture when we start studying at the desk for the long period of time.On top of that, there are many electric devices available for children that can play games. Using adult sized furniture is also one of the reasons that children get bad postures.With “p!nto kids”, you can have good posture just putting it on your chair or sofa with no hassle. We would recommend to have ”p!nto kids” for your children when they start school.

    Hisako Nomura
    “pinto kids” is designed with ETHREEM technique, which is inspired through the custom made cushion over 300 cases a year.

    Seating products by P.A.S. Co.Ltd has following distinctive features;
    ETHREEM technique is developed based on kinematics, anatomy, occupational therapy, ecological psychology, and the Feldenkrais method. The experienced therapist feels the customers’ body with both hands, find the best position to have their stability, comfortable alignment, taking the directions of their body and the gravity into consideration. It is a very precise process, almost like a craftman..
    We scan data, and then provide the best aligned, and the most comfortable seating products for each customer.

  4. p!nto kids helps you to concentrate and to work efficiently while studying. It supports your children to study for a long period of time.

    “p!nto kids” helps you to concentrate and to work efficiently while studying. It supports your children to study for a long period of time.
    • Buttocks support
    • Hip support
    • Rib support
    • Thigh support
    • Buttocks support
      Buttocks support
      To prevent sideway fall and to align the pelvis
    • Hip support
      Hip support
      To prevent backfall and misalignment of the pelvis. The supporters keep your pelvis stable while sitting.
    • Rib support
      Rib support
      To support breathing movment of the ribs and to prevent sidefall of the torso.
    • Thigh support
      Thigh support
      To prevent tension and to support your thighs. It aligns with the position that gives your hip joints with some flexibility.
  5. ETHREEM: the shape to align your posture despite the body movements

    When you sit on “p!nto”, it fits your boy shape. This feeling comes from the 6 supports within “p!nto” products, ribs, pelvis and thighs. They align sitting position.
    Our body is moving even when we are sitting. It is important to keep our posture aligned in order to have efficiency for your movement .”p!nto” is not posture correction cushion, but is something that gives you the comfortable, proper posture so that it makes easier for you to hav your next movmet.

  6. You can have proper posture with “p!nto kids” when you study, read, play games and at meal times.
    without p!nto kids
    Your back is slouched as your hipbone fall backward.Your body tries to keep a balance with your back and hipbone misaligned. It produces tension and causes bad posture.
    with p!nto kids
    The supports hold back of your thighs, hip bone and spine. That aligns you to the proper posture. You can keep good posture while relaxed and be productive for a long period of time.
  7. You can use “p!nto kids” when…;

    • 様々なシーン1
    • 様々なシーン2
    • Study


      If your back is unstable, your pelvis falls backward, your back gets hunched, your head sticks out and your body gets tense. It causes inefficiency while studying. The proper posture helps you to work efficiently as you do not waste your energy on posture.

    • Meal times

      Meal times

      When you can keep your head up, it is easier that you have good communication. It also applies when you eat. In order to have efficient mealtime movements with your arms, your shoulders must be relaxed and your torso needs to be free to move forward. It is hard for children to keep good posture on the adult size chair.Just put “p!nto kids” on your chair, you can have good posture with no trouble.

    • Reading


      If you have some support for your back, you can have good posture with your head up and read as shown in the picture. We tend to bend our arms and get our head closer to books while reading with our back bent. With “p!nto kids”, it is easy to do that and also, your pelvis doesn’t fall backward. It reduces the tension of the body too.

    • Play games

      Play games

      When you play games, your face gets closer and closer to the game device.Your neck, shoulders and arms get really sore. It is important to have a relaxed posture while playing games.


    red × navy

    • red × navy
    • lime green × blue
    • Gobelin cover model / Diamond multicolor
    • Gobelin cover model / Diamond gray & pink
    p!nto kidsのサイズ
    • 4 different colours are available
    • Machine washable outer cover
    • Nonskid sole
    • Lightweight polyurethane. You can fold it in half and take it with you.
    • Suitable for the height 110cm 〜 145cm
    Size Cushion material Cover texture
    W380mm × H380mm × D380mm Polyurethane HR Foam Polyester 100%

    ※ Suitable for the height 150cm or under
    ※ The photographs showing our products may turn out to be slightly different from reality
    ※ The design might change without notice.

  8. FAQ

    What kind of chairs can I use my “p!nto” on?

    You can use your “p!nto” on any chairs with backrests;
    Office chairs, dining tables, couches, personal chairs, bus, trains or cabs.

    How many hours a day can I sit on my “pinto” ?

    You can sit on your “p!nto” as long as you please, as you can sit long hours, you can sit as you do normally.

    How about durability?

    We have the durability test result of which the thickness of “p!nto” decreased 4% after 80,000 times. The endurance test is based on JIS standard, (Compression testing method)
    The material we use is also used on trains and buses.