p!nto driver - The driver meets cushion. The new journey begins.

  1. ドライバーのためのクッション
  2. Who else wants comfortable driving? With p!nto Driver, you can!
    The secret? It’s called ETHREEM technique.

    “I can’t help it. I’m in pain from driving. My back hurts and my shoulders hurt.”Really?With “ETHREEM” technique, you don’t have to suffer. We don’t want you to get tired of driving!
    Driving has become a crucial part of our life. Admit it, it is very convenient.But there is a way to constantly keep our bodies flexible so that we can drive safely.
    The secret is to relax not only our backs but also neck, shoulders, arms, buttocks and legs. Now you can feel less stressed and be active even after a long drive.
    Here is p!nto driver ! It is helping drivers to have a great time with driving cars. Because we care how you use your body while you drive.

    p!nto driver
  3. The driver meets cushion. The new journey begins.
  4. Occupational Therapist and
    Seating Designer and
    ETHREEM technique developer

    p!nto driver Producer

    Over 300 cases of measurement a year for order made cushions. She introduced the world to the idea of Ecological Three Dimensional Molding system “ETHREEM”. She created various “p!nto” line-ups. Her unique “seating design” are, by just sitting on them, restore the natural “axis” of the body. Her seat cushions are stress-free, as well as keeping the proper posture.
    She is the founder and also the official representative of the association of Ecological Therapy since 1998. It has studied rehabilitation methods based on perception and action.
    Also she lectures on the human body and the environment or rehabilitation. Her authored books and articles on affordance and environment are; Asobi wo sodateru “遊びを育てる”(Cultivating the power of play). Kyodo Isho Shuppansha 協同医書出版社, Tokyo 東京, 1999.
    “知の生態学的転回2 技術: 身体を取り囲む人工環境“,
    The Ecological Turn: New philosophical and psychological perspectives on human studies Vol.2 Technology:Life in the Artificial Environment University of Tokyo Press,2013

    HISAKO NOMURA Official website

  5. p!nto


    For, Occupational Therapists, for people to have a comfortable and functional daily life is essential. We analyze human movement at micro levels.
    P!nto Drivers care that you can;
    -hold your head easily
    -keep driving with your arms on the steering wheels
    -to be able to breathe easily
    -to reduce the back pain
    -to be able to move your legs freely
    -the torso doesn’t turn into a pretzel
    Here are the ideas of an occupational therapist with years of experience in p!nto design.

    Seating Designer Hisako Nomura does over 300 cases of measurement a year for order made cushions. She introduced the world to the idea of Ecological Three Dimensional Molding system “ETHREEM”

    We believe seat cushions are meant to offer comfort and relief.
    Our therapists feel individual bodies with their hands to find the equilibrium, the most comfortable alignment which flows with gravity, and the best positions for the individual cushion design. The detailed process is based on Kinematics, Anatomy, Occupational therapy, Ecological psychology and Feldenkrais Method.
    We then, collect the data to the cutting edge scanner technology.
    This is how p!nto came about.

  6. Here at p!nto DRIVER you can rest assured your driving
    will be with care and stress-relief a priority.

    • 肩甲帯の支え
    • 肋骨の支え
    • 骨盤の支え
    • 足の支え
    • 肩甲帯の支え
      shoulder blades
      P!nto DRIVER helps to stabilize your shoulder blades. Reduces shoulder and elbow stress as it makes holding your steering wheel easier. Your upper body is aligned symmetrically.
    • 肋骨の支え
      It helps to keep your head up when you have support on your back. When your head is balanced it feels light and moves easily. You will find that your back is relaxed too.. The side guard prevents your body sways during the drive. Symmetry alignment is the key.
    • 骨盤の支え
      P!nto DRIVER supports your pelvis so as not to lean backwards. Your twist can rest on top of a steady pelvis, it also helps to keep your posture in place even when handling pedals or gravity acceleration.
    • 足の支え
      P!nto DRIVER keeps your thighs in place so you can easily twist yourself back in place for safe driving. The alignment of hip joints, knee joints and ankles are taken into consideration for your best thighs positioning. This enables relaxed pedaling while relieving the tension and prevent twisting from knees and ankles.
  7. “ETHREEM” that allows us to sit back properly however we move.

    You feel as though you are “wearing” them when you sit on our “p!nto” products. This is because the supporters inside the cushions place your ribs, pelvis and thighs in the most comfortable position to sit. (ETHREEM) We are actually moving while sitting. So it is important for us to have something to suppress the wobbling of our bodies core and axis. That makes us more efficient in what we do while sitting. "p!nto" products are nothing like braces for your teeth. They are a platform for a good posture. A good posture means to be able to have efficient movements. You can reach out in each direction. “p!nto” is the place where you can automatically go back to the starting position to have realigned perfect posture for your next move. After you have used p!nto for a while then your posture will improve for any activity.


  8. “p!nto DRIVER” for all drivers

  9. Having the flexibility while you drive however long. That is the ideal driving posture with the minimum pressures.

    Without “p!nto DRIVER”

    Without “p!nto DRIVER”

    The pelvis sinks in the seat and the back curves so your back has a lot of pressure on it. With the drooping posture, your face is looking down with the head and shoulders tucked. In your arms are tensed too on the steering wheel.
    With “p!nto DRIVER”

    With “p!nto DRIVER”

    You have a steady straight up pelvis.“pinto” DRIVER helps your spine to be properly on your pelvis. It reduces the tension onyour back.You can keep your head balanced, so your shoulders and arms are relaxed while driving.
  10. You can use “p!nto DRIVER” in many situations;

    • 様々なシーン1
    • 様々なシーン2
    • For your errands;


      Nobody likes to sit for a long time. We have habitual stiff back and shoulders, and the muscles around the hip joints are really tired while we try to straighten up. Driving requires that we are in a constant rocking motion. Difficult isn't it? It is really nerve wrecking. Of course you end up exhausted, stiff and in pain. But in “p!nto DRIVER”, we have this beautiful system to support the human body effectively; the joints such as hip joints and shoulders are easy to move, and the pelvis and the shoulder blades have great stability. It liberates from the stiffness and enables us to keep a beautiful posture, even when we drive.

    • For daily activities;


      You have to looking all directions to ensure safety. You must look carefully and listen carefully, and also must pay attention not only to where you are going, but also in both directions, do not forget to look in back of your car. Our eyes and ears which are our sensory organs to confirm safety while driving are on our heads. Unstable driving posture tends to lock your head to the front with your torso frozen to the stirring wheel. Your arms are so tensed that all of this makes your vision narrower. “p!nto DRIVER” helps to maintain your head in the lightest and most flexible position as you enjoy driving, with full support for your prefect posture. You also have wider vision when you are relaxed, be able to catch the sound around you. When you turn your steering wheel with ease, which means that the good posture makes it possible for you to have safer driving.

    • For work;


      We have to keep our cores in the centre and lift our arms in the air while driving. Our bodies easily lean forward when we take the curves due to Acceleration of gravity. It is very common to find us driving with one hand while we lean in the other direction. We all know when we get out our car our back is so sore and stiff. It is because we received vibration and gravity for a long period of time with our pelvises leaned in the wrong direction with a twisted torso. P!NTO DRIVER prevents misalignment of the pelvis which causes the ribs and head also to be misaligned. The Scapular arch supports help to lift arms lightly. Please enjoy your “P!NTO DRIVER” for your best performance at work.

    • For long drive;


      Driving requires each leg to move differently and constantly. When you press the pedals with pressure applied to the hip joints due to a leaning pelvis, you will end up with your pelvis tilting forward. That leads to twisted knees and ankles when you drive, it is no wonder you have unwanted complications. The support for pelvis and thighs in “p!nto DRIVER” maintains bones and joints in proper positioning and stability for graceful driving. Let’s take a moment to fully lean back to the seat. There is no gap between the seat and yourself. I will find that you have a happy pelvis. “p!nto DRIVER” is aiming at enjoyable driving, no more sore back after driving.



    • black
    • black
    • black
    p!nto driverのサイズ
    • Slip-proof mat on the bottom of the seat
    • This product is designed for driving. You cannot use this for other seats
    W430mm × H620mm × D460mm

    ※ Colours as shown.


    How many hours of sitting on p!nto DRIVER may be too much?

    There is no time limit that sitting on p!nto DRIVER that would be too much. You can sit as long as you would like comfortably.

    How well does this material wear?

    These materials are used in public transportation.
    After the 80,000 times pressure test the thickness of the cushion was reduced by only 4%.
    * JIS standard