p!nto beauty(ピントビューティー)

  1. 女性のためのクッション
  2. p!nto BEAUTY is the posture support cushion which especially designed for females.
    It aligns her bone structure and muscles, prevents her body to misaligned, and let her beauty shine in comfort

    Pinto Beauty supports

    to keep her pelvis straighten up
    to lift up the muscle around her buttocks which we tends to sit on
    to support her back, pelvis and thighs

    The supports for the ribs also lift her ribs,
    so that it counteract the gravity and
    make her sit with waist and chest taller.

    p!nto Beauty allows her to be more active, to breathe deeply,
    with her head up high with more positive facial expressions.
    That makes her positive in many ways.

    The Beauty prevents your back to slouch,
    Align your bone structure and helps to keep the correct posture.

    p!nto beauty
  3. We support healthy, happy lifestyle with good posture
    which is comfortable and can breathe deeply.
  4. Occupational Therapist/Seating Designer/
    ETHREEM technique developer

    p!nto beauty manufacturer
    Hisako Nomura

    HISAKO NOMURA is an occupational therapist with 33 years of experience. She developed and designed “ETHREEM”, the idea of a 3 dimensional optimized seating system. “p!nto”, which is designed based on ETHREEM technique, is sold for the total of One hundred and thirty thousand over the period of 5 years. She does over 300 cases of measurement a year for order made cushions. She has been counselled and provided solutions for posture related issues for over ten thousand people.She has many publications and lectured on her career.
    Her work has been covered by several Japanese media.

    HISAKO NOMURA Official website

  5. p!nto


    If you straighten up, you look taller and lean without weight change.You can use your body effectively with that correct posture. We aim to place the muscle in right place so that we can move efficiently. That makes us to have high metabolism. We care for women. We want them to pursue their dream, whether it is work, study or having families.

    “pinto beauty” is designed with ETHREEM technique, which is inspired through the custom made cushion over 300 cases a year.

    Seating products by P.A.S. Co.Ltd has following distinctive features;
    ETHREEM technique is developed based on kinematics, anatomy, occupational therapy, ecological psychology, and the Feldenkrais method. The experienced therapist feels the customers’ body with both hands, find the best position to have their stability, comfortable alignment, taking the directions of their body and the gravity into consideration. It is a very precise process, almost like a craftman..
    We scan data, and then provide the best aligned, and the most comfortable seating products for each customer.

  6. Correct alignment if the bone and muscles
    leads to the correct posture.

    • Buttock Support
    • Pelvis Support
    • Rib support
    • Leg Support
    • Buttock Support
      Buttock Support
      The shape of the seat support the buttocks and lift them up. It tells her ischial bone position each time she moves, so that she can move on to the next movement from the correct alignment.
    • Pelvis Support
      Pelvis Support
      To fit her pelvis and secure it to prevent it to tilt backwards.To show her the correct pelvis position.
    • Rib support
      Rib support
      To keep her ribs high so that she can keep correct posture.To help her to breathe deeply and prevent her posture to go on lean.
    • 足の支え
      Rib support
      To prevent excess tensions from her legs and gives her hip joints some room to move. The outer supports of her thighs help her to sit with her legs closed.
  7. ETHREEM: the shape to align your posture despite the body movements

    「When you sit on “p!nto”, it fits your boy shape. This feeling comes from the 6 supports within “p!nto” products, ribs, pelvis and thighs. They align sitting position.
    Our body is moving even when we are sitting. It is important to keep our posture aligned in order to have efficiency for your movement. ”p!nto” is not posture correction cushion, but is something that gives you the comfortable, proper posture so that it makes easier for you to hav your next movmet.


  8. We support healthy, happy lifestyle with good posture which is comfortable and can breathe deeply.
    It prevents our back to slouch. It is especially designed for female.


    Without pinto beauty

    Your pelvis leans forward so that the muscles of your buttocks are placed under the pelvis.
    A slouched back and a shrank abdomen prevent the muscle to function well. The rib cage and chest also droop sadly. Having a heavy head in front of you means you have excess pressure on your neck and shoulders.

    With pinto beauty

    With pinto beauty your pelvis standing up beautifully. It helps to straighten and lift your backbone and feminine curves. Our facial expression becomes perky, your head feels lighter and your neck looks more straighter.
  9. p!nto BEAUTY​ is best for those occations​

    • 様々なシーン1
    • 様々なシーン2
    • Someone who wants to stay fit

      Someone who wants to stay fit
Beauty has supports which keep our ribs stay higher. Using it every day, we can learn to sit in correct posture.

      Beauty has supports which keep our ribs stay higher.
      Using it every day, we can learn to sit in correct posture.

    • At work in the office

      At work in the office

      Working at the desk makes her head down and it makes her back slouch.Oftentimes she ends up with stiffed back as she tries to have correct posture from already misaligned position.
      P!nto Beauty has supports for her back and ribs, that prevents her to counteract the gravity.It supports her to move comfortably at the desk and her hours of working stress-free!

    • For the students

      For the students

      We forget about having correct posture when we concentrate.We cross our legs and our faces get closer and closer to the desk…The supports of the buttocks and hips prevent all that, and also leg supports keeps her legs straight, stops her from crossing them.Her concentration improves and has correct posture with comfort.

    • For expected mothers and new mothers

      For expected mothers and new mothers

      A pregnant mommy faces the change in her weight and body shape day by day. She has to struggle with the over-stretched pelvis and muscles due to the change in body shape. Her muscles get weakened and lose the appropriate balance on the pelvic floor, which causes her posture to out of place along with the nursing posture. It is important to let her know how to sit to stabilize the body. When we can maintain the correct bone structures, the muscles functions properly too. p!nto Beauty supports we happy mommies and happy babies.

  10. The differences between p!nto and p!nto Beauty

    The shape of p!nto Beauty has some secrets to align her bone structure. It fits her body better then original p!nto, prevents her posture to slouch and support her to keep correct posture.

    The shape of p!nto beauty has some secrets to align their bone structure, let them sit with correct posture, and let them allow to use their bodies in dynamic ways. Also, it tells them their neutral sitting position each time they move, so that they can move on to the next movement from the correct alignment.

    The differences between p!nto and p!nto Beauty



    • pink
    • blue
    • brown
    • gold
    p!nto beautyのサイズ
    • 4 different colours are available
    • Machine washable outer cover
    • Nonskid sole
    • Lightweight polyurethane. You can fold it in half and take it with you.
    Size Weight Cushion material Cover texture
    W400mm × H400mm × D400mmm 960g Polyurethane HR Foam Polyester 100%

    ※ Suitable for the height 150cm or under
    ※ The photographs showing our products may turn out to be slightly different from reality
    ※ The design might change without notice.

  11. FAQ

    How many hours a day can I sit on my“pinto”?

    You can sit on your“p!nto” as long as you please, as you can sit long hours, you can sit as you do normally.

    How about durability?

    We have the durability test result of which the thickness of “p!nto” decreased 4% after 80,000 times. The endurance test is based on JIS standard, (Compression testing method) The material we use is also used on trains and buses.